Soul Searchin'

Left and Right to move, X to jump, C to shrink/unshrink, press and hold X in midair to use jetpack, Up to toggle your hat.

Soul Searchin' was originally made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 23 with the theme Small Worlds. I had a blast joining LD and I'll be sure to join the next one. If you're interested you can play the original 48 hour version here: Soul Searchin' LD

After Ludum Dare I decided to work a little more on this game and see if I could get someone to sponsor it. Which in fact bloody well happened! Surprising... rite? Anyway, Addicting games offered me a 1000$ for an exclusive license for this game and then they said that if I'd be willing to expand a little more on the game using the help of one of their producers they'd be willing to pay me 2000$. So I was like Hells yeah!

Moral of this story: quickly made sloppy games earn you money! Remember that kids...