Squerdy Hawk Pro Dancer 1

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Squerdy Hawk Pro Dancer 1 is an obvious take on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series (which I was/am a huge fan of). The game is set in a sortof gangster environment where you dance around and get money from strangers (yeah, don't really know why). Dancing is done by performing a wide range of dance moves by pressing the arrow keys. Stupid enough, holding a key also worked, so the gameplay was easily broken by just holding a single key, the only repercusion being that it made the dance incredibly boring.

The characters were sequaremen, a design I had created to minimize graphical labour and to simplify animation. Which I thought was pretty cool (still do actually). Although the squaremen weren't that exciting as such, they could very easily be turned into a wide spectrum of stereotypical guys like cowboys, pirates, astronauts and also gangsters just by giving them different clothes. And they fit very well with the square obsession I had at that time.

The game's core mechanic seems pretty solid, you dance by pulling off different dance moves in order to form combos. Sadly (like all my previous games) the execution was just plain bad. I wonder what would happen if I tried to remake it now...