Arrow keys to move. Space to skip text.

Sens? Is a game about a man who has to learn how to use new senses to navigate his way through the world. In a dream he is shown four new senses: Heat, Touch, Sound and Smell. He uses each of these 4 senses to navigate his way through 4 chapters of challenging platforming puzzles.

Sens? is an exploration of different types of navigation. You've got the 4 different senses to guide you instead of your eyes. Finding out how these senses interact with the environment is crucial to finding your way through the maze-like levels.

Although it's got that same kind of vibe as Value and Narrow with the whole text intro telling the story of the game, it is a lot less artsy than the other two. With this game I tried to focus more on interesting maybe even fun gameplay, because I thought both Value and Narrow lacked that. Sadly enough it did a lot worse than the others in terms of people playing it and being interested. I guess the main reason for that is the somewhat simple and probably unapealing aesthetic of the game. I really should learn how to draw...