Sea Rascals

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Sea Rascals is a game I programmed for Pajamahouse Studios. It was all a bit weird because the game already existed as an iOS app and I was asked to make a flash version of the game. While working on the flash version the producer had all these new ideas he wanted to add to the game, so when the flash version was about finished it was more extensive than the iOS version which it was supposed to promote. So Pajamahouse Studios asked me to make the new iOS app aswell. Strangely enough the flash version never got published, but iOS one did. And I ended up getting a Macbook for it so I could actually make the app, which was nice. I was also asked to make an XL version of the game for the iPad, which I did and which was uploaded, but then turned out to have a weird bug that would make it crash on certain devices, strangely enough we never really fixed that, so yeah...

The game itself is a pretty simple casual game in which you match and move around cute little fish in order to make them pop. I don't think it sold very well, so I guess I mainly cost Pajamahouse money in the end, which I feel kindof sad about. Them not earning that much money is mainly evident in the fact that I actually accepted yet another project of them, in which I would port their peculiar iPad game Desi Leaves Town. I was almost done making it, but now they won't reply to my emails anymore... Oh well, that's the way things go, I suppose.