Pong Fu

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Player 1: Move up and down with W and S. Run with C. Charge up with V. Create a Sneaky Ball with D and bounce a sneaky ball back with A.
Player 2: Move up and down with the Up and Down Arrow Key. Run with N. Charge up with M. Create a Sneaky Ball with the Left Arrow Key and bounce a sneaky ball back with the Right Arrow Key.

(more information in the readme)

Pong Fu is a game I made together with my friend Jasper Bauer for a university assignment. The assignment was to make pong. The game is 2 player only and it features classical pong gameplay with some added weirdness. All the soundeffects were recorded by me and my house mate Jesse de Ruijter. The music was ripped from some Jacky Chan game or something, I don't really know, Jasper took care of that.

Allthough the game isn't that original (read: not at all) I believe it still has some interesting ideas. Me and my house mate had loads of fun trying to juggle as many Sneaky Balls between us as possible, not really caring who was acutally wining. Because if you want to win, the Sneaky Ball is probably not really going to help anyway.
The scoring mechanic is also somewhat intruiging in that it creates more and more suspense the longer no one scores, which I thought was pretty neat.