Click here to Download Octris

Player 1: Arrow Keys to control.
Player 2: WASD to control.

(more information in the readme)

Octris was for the same class as Pong Fu but this time we got to make Tetris. This game was also made together with Jasper Bauer and my roommate Jesse de Ruijter helped me out with the sound effects again, he even got his girlfriend to record the word "Tetris" but she didn't feel like putting up a sexy voice. The music is of my own creation in which I play the Tetris theme on my clarinet accompanied by my gameboy. Neat right?

This game is different from the usual Tetris in that it adds two colours: Black and White. Black only has collision with other black blocks and white visa versa. The effect is that the game becomes somewhat more confusing, but actually a little easier too.
Another new thing is single field multiplayer. Yeah, you get to play on the same field, weird ey? You'll figure it out.