No one ain't got nuffin' on Björn

Move with the Arrow Keys. Jump with Z. Attack with X. P to pauze. Esc to quit.

No one ain't got nuffin' on Björn is an arena brawler with a neat combo mechanic. Smash enemies through the level and watch them collide into a giant combofest. Play through 3 different sewers, unlock all the information in the Björnipedia and try to beat the highscore!

That was the game's description I wrote for on game portals. But to be honest it makes me puke, because it sounds like I'm trying to sell something I don't believe in myself. Which is true. The game was going to be cool, but didn't turn out that great. I am however somewhat proud of the art and music I managed to whip up.

Fun fact: the game was originally called Mario ain't got nuffin' on Björn, but apparently sponsors weren't into my copyright infringement. So I renamed it. The game never got any sponsors thought, so I wonder why I bothered anyway.