The LaCoGeSSta Research

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The LaCoGeSSta Research is a game about making little animals eat eachother. Every animal has a different moving patern with, ranging from 1 to 4, different directions. You choose which way the animals move in order to make all eat on another and to have only one left in the end.

The concept is, in my oppinion, pretty cool and although it is hard to design good levels for it, I feel there's at least some potential in the concept for it to turn into a good game. It's a pitty we weren't that good at making games yet back then, so the game turned out mediocre. The biggest mistake was that everything moved to slow and felt waaay too clunky. Some other problems involved only telling people about certain really important features in the tutorial, where they were sure to quickly skip over it. This resulted in loads of people just not getting how to play the game, because they didn't know how to zoom out and see the whole level and they didn't understand that when you fly out of the bounds of the level you have to restart the level yourself. I can ofcourse blame people for being lazy and stupid, but I've since learned that you just have to be very patient and helpful with your players. Especially when it comes to learning the controls of your game.

The reason people did actually like the game was because we put a giant amount of nerdy pickup lines running in the background like a console that was trying to hit on girls. People really seemed to think it was hilarious (like we did at the time). Despite the tackyness of the background jokes and the obvious design flaws you could check it out if you want. It's got some pretty interesting game concepts in it.

Oh, and we actually got on Bytejacker with this game, which was totally my favourite show ever! :O