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Inti is a game I made with Ingmar and 3 friends of his during the Global Game Jam. Afterwards we decided to form a game devolpment company with me, Ingmar and 2 of those guys (Simon and Remmelt) under the name of Monogon. So yeah, that was a cool side effect of the whole GGJ.

Inti, the game we made, was pretty interesting, but not all that finished or polished. It's a game about being the sun god and influencing a little world in a box. The game allows you to use your powers to heat up the environment and create clouds to make the ground wet. Dependent on these 2 factors (humidity and heat) the ground would change into different types of land. When a piece of ground received too much water or warmth hazards would occur. These hazards would demolish the land and force the world to sortof reset, tying in with the whole theme of Ouroborus (perpetuity), which was what the GGJ was about.