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iCarus was an art game Ingmar and I (Sir Realism) made for our final project for highschool (we actually won the prize for best art project). The game is about the story of Icarus. In the game Icarus has already died and you play as his dad (Daedalus) who makes drawings of his son in which he tries to save him. The game addresses the concept of living with death and how letting go is better than staying regretful. The game's design focus was intuitivity. The entire game uses not a single word (except for the credits :P).

In my opinion the game turned out pretty cool. I guess the whole message and setting of the game was probably lost to almost everyone who played it, but for once we made a game that wasn't completely hideous. I'm also proud of the music (which I made myself) and of the game in general. The only pity is that the very first level remains the most unintuitive one, which caused many people to just give up there. Which, for a game boasting intuitivity, is pretty stupid... Anyway, we actually got some press attention for this game and some people seemed to really like it so that cool. If you have an iDevice I'd reccomend you check it out. It's really short and (I guess) worth your time.