GM in Outer Space

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GM in Outer Space is by far the weirdest concept I've ever come up with. The idea is that you are a Game Master and you're in charge of placing enemies for the players to fight against. The sooner your enemies defeat the players the more Snorp (wonderful currency) you get. But you can't cheat by placing the enemies on top or too close to the players because then they will report it as a bug, which will be subtracted from your final earnings.

I suppose the concept is quite interesting, although a bit strange. The execution, however, was downright bad. There's not a lot of tactic possible, you just try to spam your enemies as quick as possible and try to guide the player into other enemies/obstacles. The music is by far the best part of the game, which I found on the Music Portal of Newgrounds, so yeah... I can't take credit for that.