Evolution Squared

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Evolution Square was the first game me and my friend Ingmar uit de Bos finished and published under the name of Sir Realism. Although it's a rather simple game, quite some people seemed to like it. Even though it was horribly programmed and poorly designed it is still our best received game to date, which is kind of sad... Anyhow, we still get some ad money off of this game now and then, so it's not really that bad. And I think we earned about 200$ worth of sponsorship money with this game, if I remember correctly.

So yeah, it's not really a good game, but it might be interesting to check it out. Mainly to experience the horrible sense of humour we had at the time and to look at my terrible terrible drawings. The music is actually pretty good, but we got it from the New Grounds flash portal, so no credits to be had there!