Epic Quest for Pixel Glory

Click here to download Epic Quest for Pixel Glory

Epic Quest for Pixel Glory is a game I made together with my pall Jasper for a course of Game Design at my university. The assignment was to make an rpg in (fucking) Game Maker (fucking) lite. Jup, that's double shit... Anyway, we didn't feel like making an RPG so we made a platformer. The game's got some RPG elements, mainly an XP system where you get to assign points to either Agility, Firepower or Vitality after you level up. And a system to combine collected weopons into higher levels ones (although that's not very RPG-y, really...). The game was going to have an epic story, but we forgot to include it in the end, so we got some points deduction for that.

The game features graphics by moi in (almost) 1-bit colors, which I was pretty proud of (I'm proud of the graphics, not the 1-bit part). And the music is "A Sad Touch" by Arachno, which is a song I ripped from the wonderful indie game Lyle in Cube Sector.