Click here to play Claustrophilia on Armor Games

Claustrophilia is a game Ingmar and I worked on for a very long time. We thought it was an awesome game (still do) and found it too cool to be 'just' a flash game, so we decided to try and sell it. Sadly no one knew about Sir Realism and we couldn't really get the press interested in Claustrophilia, so our sales were abysmal. In the end we managed to sell a small License to Armor Games for 400$.

Claustrophilia is a game about being in a room where the walls try to hug you. You survive by jumping around and platforming your way out of tricky situations. Doing so will however most likely trigger more blocks to move your way, so you're never really safe. Survival is the key, but there are 6 different game types that try to occupy you with a special task to earn points. Scoring enough points will unlock new gameplay themes and lovely new characters.