Block Mania Raspberry Red

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Block Mania Raspberry Red is the sequal to the critically acclaimed BlockerDieBlock Banana Yellow. Vicious internet feedback had made me learn that BlockerDieBlock was a stupid name (which it is), so I decided to change it into Block Mania (still stupid). Block Mania Raspberry Red features the same main gamemodes from BlockerDieBlock Banana Yellow, but has a different set of extra game modes. I don't really understand why I made the game reward you with even more weird gameplay, but you know. That's the way it goes.

The plan was to make 4 versions of the game for 4 different colours, the next one (which sadly was never made) would be called Blueberry Blue. After publishing the game, however, I learned that a red background in combination with red enemies is neither really smart or appreciated by players.